Chautauqua County Historical Society
Chautauqua County Historical Society Lecture List  1884 to Present
Some of these documents are 100 plus years of age, please note that the information contained therein may or may not be accurate based on today's knowledge.
1884 Some Geological Features of WNY Obed Edson
1884 The Pioneer Press of Chautauqua County Willard McKinstry
1885 Pioneer Homes and Characteristics Judge L. Bugbee
1885 Pioneer Lumbermen and Mills of Cassadaga and its Tributaries Emery Armstrong Ross
1885 Organic Remains, Mastodon Americanus S.G. Love
1886 Birds of Chautauqua County John M. Edson
1886 A New Philosophy of the Sun Dr. Henry R. Rogers
1886 A Sketch of Judge Abner Hazeltine A. Hazeltine Jr.
1886 Early History of the NY and Erie Railroad Judge Richard P. Marvin
1886 Gleanings from the Past Nathan Brown
1886 Hiram Sackett Marcus Sackett
1887 Biographical Sketch of Alvin Plumb, Westfield Mary Bliss
1887 Robert Morris and the Holland Land Co. Hon. Loren Blodget
1888 Ancient Mounds and Earthworks along the Cattauragus Creek Marcus Sacket
1888 The Nebular Hypothesis Dr. Henry R. Rogers
1889 Absolute Vacuum Dr. Henry R. Rogers
1889 The Ice Lens and Its Unheeded Teachings Dr. Henry R. Rogers
1891 Chautauqua Flat and Store Boats Nathan Brown
1892 Judge Peacock W.J. Doty
1892 Random Collections of Jamestown J. Warren Fletcher
1892 The Progress of Telescopic Knowledge Rev. J. Peate
1892 A Sketch of Nathan Fay Horace C. Taylor
1894 A Sketch of Moses Marsh Mrs. Joseph Clark
1895 The Sun's Dazzle Dr. Henry R. Rogers
1896 A Few Immortals Daniel Sherman
1897 Amos Sottile Marcus Sackett
1897 Memorial Sketch of the Late Benjamin Williams W.W. Henderson
1897 A Sketch of the Life of James Allen Obed Edson
1898 State of Cuba W.W. Henderson
1898 The Universe Dr. Henry R. Rodgers
1900 Erie RR Celebration at Dunkirk Obed Edson
1900 Griffith Family W.W. Henderson
1900 Samuel Sinclair Obed Edson
???? Gerry History Obed Edson
1902 Chautauqua Paleontology - Mastodon and Mammoth W.W. Henderson
1906 The Eries Obed Edson
1906 The Influence of Women Lois E. Kibbe
1907 History of an Orchard Mrs. Newel (Ellen) Cheney
1907 Judge William Peacock Judge Abner Hazeltine
1908 Annual Address by Obed Edson Obed Edson
1908 Joseph Dix Judge Abner Hazeltine
1909 Oliver Wendel Holmes George W. Strothard
1910 An Uninteresting Place - Prendergast Blowers in Jamestown Obed Edson
1910 History of the Triangle D.A.A Nichols / Mrs. Furman
1911 Rafting and Running Rivers Daniel Griswold
1911 Natural Gas in Fredonia Lewis McKinstry
1912 Col. Willett of the Mohawk Valley C. Reed / Gilbert W. Strong
1913 DeCeleron's Bayonet A. Hazeltine
1914 Annual Address by Obed Edson Obed Edson
1914 David Eaton Julia Stone
1914 Dr. George Harrison Obed Edson
1914 Hon. Geo. W. Patterson Frank Hall
1914 The Haunts of the Leatherstockings Charles Reed
1914 Sketch of Hon. Lewis C. Todd Phin Miller
1915 The Risley Brothers Lewis Mckinstry
1915 Elliott P. Harrington Sea Diver F.A. Hall
1916 A Sketch of James McClurg Dr. W. J. Moore
1916 The Eason Family Lillia Shaw Histed
1917 Chautauqua County at the Battle of Buffalo Caroline Manchow
1917 Donald McKenzie - The King of the North West Earnest Cawcroft
1917 Poles in Chautauqua County Francis S. Stegelske
1917 The Eries Obed Edson
1919 Equal Suffrage Martha Fuller Prather
1919 A History of the Draft in Chautauqua County Harley N. Crosby
1920 Book Trails of Chautauqua County Lucia Tiffany Henderson
1920 Memorial to Obed Edson Charles Reed
1921 Holland Land Company Purchase Surveys Eugene C. Bentley
1922 A Partial History of the Red Cross William S. Bailey
1923 Capture of John Booth Benjamin S. Dean
1923 Historic Sketch of the Town of Sherman W. A. Edmonds
1924 Pioneer Rail Road Construction James W. Aular
1926 Revolutionary Soldiers in Chautauqua County Roscoe B. Martin
1927 The History of Chautauqua Lake Railway Martin Arend
1927 Historical Sketch of The James Penderghast Free Library Eleazer Green
1927 Wreck of the Schooner "New Connecticut" Mary Applebee Letter Excerpts Roscoe B. Martin
1927 The Nation of the Cat Walter Edson
1928 Archaeological Discoveries Arthur C. Parker
1928 A Chautauqua King C.M. Reed
1929 James Jesse Strang Roscoe B. Martin
1929 The Sesqui-Centennial Celebration of Sullivan's Raid H.S. Sweetland
1929 The Sullivan Expedition of 1779 George A. Persell
1930 The Passing of the County Hamlet H.S. Sweetland
1931 Some Early History of the Town of Villenova H.S. Sweetland
1932 George Washington's Nearest Approach to Chautauqua Co. C.B. Sampson
1934 Bird Women George A. Persell
1934 History of Vocal and Instrumental Music Gilden R. Broadberry
1934 A Chautauqua Family - The Story of the Cushings C.M. Reed
1934 Historical Places in Allegheny County H.S. Sweetland
1934 The Crime and Hanging of Damon C.B. Sampson
1935 John McAllister Schofield - General. U.S. Army John J. Thompson
1935 Swedish Immigration to Southern Chautauqua County Mrs. Marguerite Peterson Hultquist
1936 Transportation Transitions in Chautauqua County William Doty
1936 Early Incidents in the History of the Town of Ripley Hon. Joseph A. McGinnies
1936 James McMahan & Pioneer Days in Northern Chautauqua Arthur Tennant
1936 Chautauqua County & Perry's Victory, September 10, 1813 Arthur Tennant
1937 Women in Science Berneise Zenns
1937 George Pullman of the Pullman Palace Car Company John J. Thompson
1937 Chautauqua County 1825-1875 Arthur Tennant
1938 Grape Growing B.S. Swetland
1938 More of Chautauqua County 1875-1914 Arthur Tennant
1938 Digest of Pioneer Homes and Characteristics Mrs. Harvey M. Osgood
1939 National Songs Vesta V. Mills
1939 NY State World's Fair Walter H. Edson
1939 Historical Sketch of Villenova Sweatland, H.S.
1939 County Highways William Doty
1939 William Seward, Agent G.P. Crandall
1939 Our Swedish Heritage Daniel F. Lincoln
1940 The Origin & Development of the Textile Industry in Jamestown William A. Broadhead
1940 Schools of the Town of Chautauque and Chautauqua George R. Raynor
1940 Dairying in Sherman Mary Kidder
1940 Rambling Along the Rds of Mina /Incidents in the History of the Twnsp. of Mina Carlton Robertson
1940 Town of Sherman Clara Hawley Casselman
1940 The Coming of the Erie Railroad to Dunkirk Wallace Brennan
1940 Where We Go From Here - The Study of Gravestones Clayburne B. Sampson
1941 An Early Industry of Jamestown John M. Cushman
1941 The Development of the Cassadaga Valley Walter Edson
1941 Early North East, PA A. Loop
1941 The "Genesee" Valley Canal H.S. Sweetland
1941 Steamboating on Chautauqua Lake John F. Jones
1942 Old Hotels and Men Along Chautauqua Lake John F. Jones
1942 Early Churches in Forestville and "Vicinity" Juliana J. Shepard
1942 How Ripley Came to Be Effie L. Mason
1942 The Patchwork Quilt Clayburne B. Sampson
1942 Topography of Chautauqua County Ruth A. Page
1943 Swedish Influences in the City of Jamestown Lloyd L. Malmstrom
1943 Ellery - Yesterdays Clayburne B. Sampson
1943 Past and Present Schools of Fredonia Blair F. Simons
1943 Fish and Fishing in Chautauqua Lake George R. Raynor
1943 How the Chautauqua Portage Changed World History Marianne Holder
1944 Ninety Four Years of the Episcopal Church in Dunkirk Rev. Leslie F. Chard
1944 The History of Locomotive Building in Dunkirk Henry Wille
1944 The Story of Welch's Grape Juice Edgar T. Welch
1945 Joseph A. McGinnies Effie L. Mason
1945 Development of the Furniture Industry in Jamestown Ralph W. Taylor, Jr.
1945 My Great-Grandfather John Blowers Clayburne B. Sampson
1945 The Hartfield-Dewittville Area George R. Raynor
1946 History of Clymer -
1946 The Old Plank Roads of Chautauqua County William J. McNamara
1946 Henry Leworthy Mrs. W. Rollin Morse
1947 The History of the Chautauqua Lake Railway Martin N. Arend
1947 Some Writers of Chautauqua County Lucia Tiffany Henderson
1947 Early Religious Activities in Sheridan Mrs.H.G. Miner
1947 The Lakeside School of New Theology Clayburne B. Sampson
1948 Forest Conservation in NYS and Chautauqua County Harry E. Dobbins
1948 The Old Erie to Buffalo "Accommodation" Emma Phetteplace Schell
1948 Rival Claims to WNY Hawley B. Rogers
1948 The Griffith Family in Ellery Catherine Griffith Cheney
1949 Forestville, Its Environs, Past and Present Mrs. Leroy H. Harrington
1949 The Early History of Panama William J. Howes
1950 Destruction of the Eries or Cat Nation - By the Senecas and Onondagas 1654 - 56 Walter H. Edson
1950 Cordova and Vicinity Mrs. E.P. Crandall
1950 Fredonia Suburbs Mrs. D.W. Padden
1950 The Aims, Past, Present and Future of Chautauqua Institution George R. Raynor
1951 Early Busti Belle Foster Westrom
1951 James McClurg and His Family Arthur S. Tennant, Jr.
1951 Our Grange Mrs. Alfreda Woolley
1952 The Circus - In Early Chautauqua County Gerald L. Todd
1952 Clymer and its People-Then and Now Mrs. Effie W. Ruslink
1952 Treasures I have Found in Our Society's Collections Emma W. Piehl
1953 Phin Miller, His Life and Time Archie D. Warren
1953 Silver Creeks' Early Harbour Days Marion Ward Thomas
1954 "Cincinnati" - Chautauqua Lake Steamboat Victor Norton
1955 Arkwright Township History John D. Griswold
1956 Changing Style in Religion Mrs. Lance Zavitz
1956 The Story of Mina Lee L. Ottaway
1957 Jamestown Store Boats Clayburne B. Sampson
1957 History of The Town of Charlotte Walter H. Edson
1958 The Chautauqua-Erie Story Donald H. Kent
1960 The Coming of the Italians to Chautauqua County Samuel C. Alessi
1961 William H. Seward Caroline Betts
1962 Chaut. Co. Waterways - Past and Present Ernest D. Leet
1967 Robert Morris J. Chester Molyneux
1967 Speaking of Small Towns Marie McCutcheon
1971 The Unknown Tourgee Dean H. Keller
1975 A Preliminary Survey of Folk Arts and Skills in Chaut. Co. Joyce Ferris Swan
1975 The Continuing American Revolution in Chautauqua County Jacob Ludes
1975 Causes of the American Revolution Lee Towne Adams
1976 The Prendergast Family - Loyalists William A. Evans, Esq.
1976 Walter Smith and His Times Rev. Leslie F. Chard
1976 Austin Smith Arthur S. Tennant
1976 Elial Todd Foote, Historian Herbert A. Beckman
1976 Profiles of Chautauqua County Historians Samuel S. Edson
1977 A Memorial to John Bowman James M. Wheeler
1977 Chautauqua County, 175th Birthday Joseph Gerace
1979 Arkwright Ruth Griswold
1984 Preserving the Past for the Future Mrs. Paul Barden
1986 The Holland Land Company in Chautauqua County Franciska Safran
1987 The Summer of 1787: A Bicentennial Remembrance Dr. Donald A. MacPhee
1988 New Sweden '88 - A Prelude Gerald Heglund
1988 Mayors of Jamestown of Swedish Decent Paul Johnson
1991 History of Ripley Marie B. McCutcheon
1992 Some Chautauquans Lee Towne Adams
1992 Records of the Chautauqua County Poor Farm Lois Barris
1994 Strange Stories of Chautauqua Lake Norman Carlson
1995 Gov. Reuben Fenton, The Fenton Mansion, and the Fenton Historical Soc. Dolores B. Thompson
1999 George Washington: His Relationships to the Area of Chaut. and Adjoining Cos. Norman Carlson
2000 Henry Rouse and Other Chautauquans at the Great Exploding Oil Well Lois Barris
2001 Albion W. Tourgee and His Biographer, Roy F. Dibble Fran Anderson
2001 Mabel Powers Rev. Dr. William Lytle
2001 Edna Button Dunn Nancy Hanks
2002 Cemeteries: Not a Deadly Topic Lois Barris
2002 The First Frontier - Chautauqua County in the Unfolding of American History Jacob Ludes III
2002 Mormonism Wayne Mori
2007 Chautauqua County Poor Farm and the Emigrant Train Michelle Henry and Pam Brown
2007 Photographic Vision of John O. Bowman Katie Landrigan
2008 Albion W. Tourgee's Reconstruction Novels: Promoting Political Change Through Literature Carolyn L. Karcher
2009 Making Women's History - Chautauqua County and the Suffrage Movement Traci Langworthy
2009 The Geology of the Lake Plain Dr. Thomas Erlandson
2010 Historical Significance of Rev. James G. Townsend's Lakeside School of New Theology, New Theology, and Liberal Religious Writings Len Faulk, Ph.D.
2011 The Amazing Life of James Jesse Strang Roger Gilbert
2011 Mayville Lakeside Park and Mayville Shoreline Devon Taylor
2012 The Brig Niagara Dr. Tom Miller, II
2012 Early Water Transportation in Southeastern Chautauqua County Jason Sample
2012 Lawson Boating and Heritage Center (video link) David Lawson
2012 The Civil War of 1812 (video link) Dr. Alan Taylor
2013 Dunkirk WW II POW Camps (video link) Ryan Corbett
Video by Gregory Peterson
2014 William Cushing (video link) Jim Boltz
2015 Alonzo Cushing Medal of Honor Celebration McClurg Museum, Westfield, NY Jessica Loring
2015 Exploring the Pre-Settlement Chautauqua Landscape Stephen Tuloweicki
2015 The Amish and Their History in Chautauqua County Carol Lorenc
2016 The Year without a Summer in Chautauqua County Dr. John "Jack" Berkley and CCHS Trustee Jason Sample
2016 Strange Stories of Chautauqua Lake 2016 Version Norman Carlson
2017 History of Cheese Production See title page
2018 Chautauqua County Artists Richard Sigafoos and Russell Welch Lori Humprheys
none Twenty Thousand Immigrants Aided in Chautauqua County Lois Barris
none Inland Lake and River Fishing Contest, The Silver Troll O.B. Heath
none Joseph McGinnies unknown
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