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The 112th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Introduction: The Agricultural Fairgrounds located on the south east corner of Jamestown, New York became the training camp for the 112th Regiment. The camp was named Camp James M. Brown and provided food housing and training for 2100 men. Ten companies of 100 men each formed the 112th, but also training there were 10 companies forming the 154th and 1 company that would go to the 7th Sharpshooters. The regiment was initially commanded by Colonel Jeremiah C. Drake along with Lieutenant Colonel Frederick A. Redington and Major Elial F. Carpenter. Throughout the late summer of 1862, the men prepared for war. They left Jamestown via the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad on September 12, 1862, with only several weeks of training and without weapons.
1st Lt. Henry Barrows
1st Lt. Henry Barrows
Capt. Chaddock
Captain William H Chaddock
E W Dutcher
Sergt. E.W. Dutcher

Lt. George W. Edmonds
Lt. George W. Edmonds
Sergt. Herman Sixby
Herman Sixby
Surgeon Washburn
Surgeon Charles E Washburn
Chautauqua County Civil War Units
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