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Chautauqua County Historical Society staff photographer, Niles Denning, has been working diligently, for some time now, to digitize the Society's substantial photograph collection. As time consuming as this effort is, it is only the first step toward our creation of a searchable photo database. Over time, individual images will be given descriptons and assigned key words to facilitate those searching the collection for specific image attributes. We invite visitors with specific knowledge regarding any of these images, to submit comments which we may someday add to the image documentation. Please provide the file name under the image along with your submission, and email to:
Note: Unauthorized copying/use of the images on this site is prohibited. Please contact us (see below) and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of our image use policy.
Globe Studio WWII Images - Vol 1.pdf Chautauqua County NY World War 2
Soldier portraits & names Vol. 1
Globe Studio WWII Images - Vol 2.pdf Chautauqua County NY World War 2
Soldier portraits & names Vol. 2
3J-CS-Jamestown.pdf TBA
90YrWstfld.pdf TBA
0806McClurg125.pdf TBA
0906LincolnPDF.pdf TBA
1107AntiqueShow2.pdf TBA
1107CCHSPotteryPicts.pdf TBA
2011-20-dibblepreview.pdf TBA
110806CivWar-lgfiles.pdf TBA
110806CivWar-lgfiles.pdf TBA
110806CivWar-lgfiles.pdf TBA
110806CivWar-lgfiles.pdf TBA
AndersonCollection.pdf TBA
BallFamily-StowFerryphotos.pdf TBA
Box1A-NixonPhotographs.pdf TBA
Box1BowmanPDFr.pdf TBA
Box1-nixonphotos-PDF.pdf TBA
Box2-Bowman.pdf TBA
Box2NixonPDF.pdf TBA
Box3-009 Fiske.pdf TBA
Box3-218-Jesse.pdf TBA
Box3-236-Countryside.pdf TBA
box3-276-.pdf TBA
box3J-0430building1.pdf TBA
box3J-0490building2.pdf TBA
box3J-0540-register.pdf TBA
Box3SellstromPDF.pdf TBA
Box4A-PDF.pdf TBA
Box4-variousTownsPDF.pdf TBA
Box13-tourgee-2421.pdf TBA
Box17BowmanPDF.pdf TBA
Box17BowmanPDF.pdf TBA
Box17BowmanPDF.pdf TBA
Box20-Bowman.pdf TBA
box20BowmanNegPDF.pdf TBA
Box20-ChautauquaCoBank.pdf TBA
Box22BowmanPDF.pdf TBA
Box23-Nixon-McGinnis.pdf TBA
Box35TrainsPDF.pdf TBA
Box40JamestownPDF.pdf TBA
Box46Welch.pdf TBA
Box47welch-.pdf TBA
Box51PDF.pdf TBA
Box53MayvillePDF.pdf TBA
Box54VarTownsPDF.pdf TBA
Box55JamestownPDF.pdf TBA
Box56steamboatsPDF.pdf TBA
Box57-buildingsandpeople.pdf TBA
box76Cushing.pdf TBA
box77-westfield.pdf TBA
box78Jamestown.pdf TBA
box79Bowman.pdf TBA
box94-WestfieldAcademyandCentral School.pdf TBA
box118-schwartz2009-1.pdf TBA
box133-PotwinCollection.pdf TBA
BoxCivilWar1-PDF.pdf TBA
BoxCivilWar2-.pdf TBA
BoxTourgee1.pdf TBA
BoxTourgee2.pdf TBA
BoxTourgeeByDibble.pdf TBA
BoxTourgeeDoc.pdf TBA
BoxTourgeeDoc-PDF.pdf TBA
CCHS Postcards.pdf TBA
ChautauquaCountyArtWork.pdf TBA
civilwar1a.pdf TBA
HistoryFairPreview.pdf TBA
New York State Native American Map 1851 New York State Native American Trails, Villages, Lakes
nortonglassplateNeg.pdf TBA
OilsPDF.pdf TBA
Stow200.pdf TBA
Stow200DinDancePreview.pdf TBA
Stow200Preview.pdf TBA
Stow200proclamations.pdf TBA
tranquist26-50.pdf TBA
tranquistbox80-101.pdf TBA
tranquistCS1-25.pdf TBA
tranquistf51-75.pdf TBA
Tranquist-WobelenAlb2.pdf TBA
tranquist-WolebenAlb1-v1.pdf TBA
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