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Other Regiments with County Men
Introduction: Donald K. Ryberg Jr.'s book, Chautauqua County Regiments and Soldiers in the Civil War 1861 - 1865 offers that the 9th Cavalry, 49th Infantry, 72nd Infantry and the 112th Infantry had greater proportions of Chautauqua County men. It also states, "Chautauqua County furnished men to the following New York volunteer units: the 15th Engineer Regiment; the 9th, 15th, and 22nd Cavalry Regiments; the 13th and 14th Artillery Regiments; the 7th and 8th Sharpshooter Companies; the 21st, 49th, 72nd, 90th, lOOth, 112th, 154th, 179th, 183rd, 188th, and 194th Infantry Regiments. Doubtless there were other regiments in New York State, other states, the Navy, Regular Army, and possibly the Marine Corps, in which men from Chautauqua County served."
Other Regiments with County Men
Junius Potwin
Junius F. Potwin
1st Battalion
Seventh Company
Chauncey G Talcott
Chauncey G. Talcott
68th New York
National Guard
Volunteer Regiment
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