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Alexander McIntyre – Bicentennial Biography No. 5

Chautauqua County has had its fair share of eccentric and colorful characters throughout its 200-year history. The first of these notable individuals was Dr. Alexander McIntyre, who became Mayville’s first settler in the spring of 1804 when he moved here from Meadville, Pennsylvania… Continue reading

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William Peacock – Bicentennial Biography No. 4

Judge William Peacock was born in 1780 near New York City in the midst of the American Revolution. He first came to Chautauqua County in 1804 as a land agent for the Holland Land Company and was charged with surveying the area around present-day Mayville. Continue reading

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Edward McHenry – Bicentennial Biography No. 3

In the spring of 1802, Edward McHenry settled near the area where colonel James McMahan also settled, west of the village of Westfield. McHenry had purchased land from the Holland Land Company shortly after the McMahan brothers had made their purchases.In the summer of 1802… Continue reading

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James and John McMahan – Bicentennial Biography No. 2

History says colonel James McMahan and General John McMahan – two brothers – were destined to play a key role in the early settlement of Westfield. James McMahan first visited the region in 1795. In 1801 he returned and contacted his brother, John… Continue reading

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Amos Sottle – Bicentennial Biography No. 1

Amos Sottle was the first white man to permanently claim Chautauqua County as his home, settling in 1796 on land that would eventually become the Town of Hanover, near the present community of Irving. He cleared the land to build a cabin and raise crops and… Continue reading

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Radio Project to Feature 200 Notable Individuals from Chautauqua County

Chautauqua County will celebrate a major milestone throughout 2011 with its 200th birthday. To celebrate the bicentennial, historical groups and societies all over the county will be involved in a variety of events and promotions throughout the year.

One promotion that will be ongoing throughout the entire year is “Bicentennial Biographies,” a public education project that will feature 200 notable individuals from the county’s past. Continue reading

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