Pauline G. Stitt – Bicentennial Biography No. 194

Pauline Stitt (1909 – 1996)

Pauline G. Stitt was born May 28, 1909 and raised in the Frewsburg area. She was the daughter of Austin and Allene Davis Stitt. Pauline graduated from Frewsburg High School in 1926 and from the University of Michigan College of Medicine in 1933. After receiving her degree and becoming a pediatrician, she first began working in the Buffalo City Hospital before moving back to Chautauqua County to start her own practice.

In 1940, Stitt left private practice to go to a TB sanatorium in Cassadaga. There she was told she could not go back to private practice because of the irregular hours and that could take a toll on her health.   After leaving the sanatorium, Stint returned to Buffalo to serve as an Assistant Medical Superintendant at the city hospital. When Wolrd War II brok out, she went to Hawaii in 1943 and worked as a physician at Shriner’s Hospital for Crippled Children. Following the war she went to Washington D.C. to serve in the U.S. Children’s Bureau.

Stitt then went on to serve at several pretstigious colleges and organizations throughout the remainder of her career, providing input and guidance in the field of pediatrics.

Among the posts Stitt held were clinical professor of pediatrics at Howard University College of Medicine. She also served at the Harvard School of Public Health in several capacities, and she was associate professor of preventive medicine and associate professor of pediatrics at Boston University Medical School.

She also taught courses for nurses, social workers and nutritionists at various schools, and during 1967 she went on a three month World Health Organization assignment as consultant to the School of Public Health in Bangkok.

Stitt spent her final days in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she died Sept. 11, 1996 at the age of 83. For many years, the “Pauline Stitt” award is given each year to an outstanding student in the University of Hawaii School of Public Health.

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