Anybody know where this is/was?

Chautauqua County Photographer Studio

Chautauqua County photographer studio maybe?

One thing this blog might be useful for is identifying unknowns.  This image is a postcard circa 1909 believed to be from this (Chautauqua County, New York) or a nearby county.  It shows an early photographer studio.

Any ideas?

A reader offered this info from an eBay listing (Thank you):

South Dayton New York Photo Studio

While there may still be some doubt, the description strongly supports a South Dayton NY (Cattaraugus County) location.

Real photo postcard of a man in a buggy & a horse passing a photographers building. The sign on the building reads “Pictures Framed to Order in the Latest Patterns.” No location on the post card but this has a back cancellation from South Dayton, NY – April 13, 1911 and is addressed to someone in Collins, NY.


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