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American Folk Art
Michael C. Rockefeller Arts Center, SUNY Fredonia
Description:  Examples of American Folk Art in Chautauqua County on display at the Michael C. Rockerfeller Arts Center Gallery, State University College at Fredonia, New York, from September to October, 1976.This catalogue contains pictures of fifty-one of the 145 items in the show. Paperback; 62 pages


Architecture in Westfield
Marlene Lindquist &Therold Lindquist
Description:  A compilation of the many types of architecture in Westfield, this book, from the early 1970's, includes a photo and write-up on each home representing certain architectural designs. Spiral bound paperback; 99 pages


Color Blind Justice
Mark Elliott
Description:  "Through deep research, great sensitivity to the racial and social contexts of the late nineteenth century, and some eloquent writing, Elliot shows us a Tourgee who truly was a pioneer of the tradition of antiracism in its early years...It is impressive for its mature writing and creative research." Avery O. Craven Award citation. Paperback; 388 pages

Echoes from the Past Marie B. McCutcheon


Father Abraham - Lincoln & His Sons
Harold Holzer
Description:  "Opening up the Lincoln family album, the noted Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer highlights the family's heartaches and happiness and follows the Lincolns after Robert's death to the end of the ancestral line. He brings four generations of a famous American family back to life." Hardcover; 229 pages


First Presbyterian Church of Westfield
Dr. Ruth Stacy
Description:  Published in 1999, this book covers the history of the church from 1968 to 1998. It includes some Westfield community information as well as all aspects of the workings of the church. Paperback; 125 pages


If Nothing Happens...
Jennifer Riesmeyer Elvgren
Description:  "A treasure of period history, the letters reveal in intimate and unaffected detail the conflict between emerging love and aspiration and a deceptive, not so gentle society." Paperback; 166 pages


Images in America-Brocton and Portland
Edward T. Kurtz, Sr.
Description:  "Brocton and Portland portrays the early life, farming industry, trolley and trains, and important events that have shaped the history of" The book is filled with photographs from the private collections of the author and his family and of his colleague, Kirk Bennett. Paperback; 127 pages


Images in America - Dunkirk
Diane Adrasik
Description:  "On the shores of Lake Erie, the city of Dunkirk rose into a commercial fishing center, lake port, and successful industrial city." The book is filled with photos and captions capturing the history of Dunkirk. Paperback; 127 pages


Images in American - Pomfret
Todd Langworthy
Description:  "The images used in Pomfret are from the collection of the Darwin R. Barker Museum in Fredonia, as well as from the archives of other local collectors who helped create this pictorial tribute to a truly historic community." Paperback; 127 pages


Images in America - Westfield
Kathleen Crocker & Jane Currie
Description:  "Westfield offers some 200 images from historical repositories and private collections, providing insight into daily life and special moments over a 175-year period beginning with Native American and French explorations." Paperback; 128 pages


Abraham Lincoln the Writer
Harold Holzer
Description:  "Harold Holzer brings the power of primary sources to young readers in an illustrated volume that contains samplings of Lincoln's sage advice and an extensive chronology of his life." Civil War Book Review. Hardcover; 107 pages

Lincoln's Little Girl Fred Trump


Lincoln's Flying Spies
Gail Jarrow
Description:  "This volume presents Civil War history [the use of surveillance balloons] and highlights this extraordinary man. Photographs, drawings, reproductions, and sidebars appear on almost every page." School Library Journal. Hardcover; 107 pages


Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers
Karen B. Winnick
Description:  "Why did Abraham Lincoln wear a beard? "The answer may lie in a letter he received from an eleven-year-old girl named Grace Bedell. [This picture book] is the true story of the girl who helped make Abraham Lincoln's face one of the most famous in history." Paperback; 30 pages


Patriot Soldiers 1775-1783 The Veterans of the War for American Independence of Chautauqua County, NY Vol I & Vol II (sorry Vol II Sold Out)
Compiled by Frederick Ward Kates
Description:  This is a two volume set but volume II is sold out. Contains biographical information and burial sites of the Chautauqua County men who fought in the War for American Independence. Volume II (sold out) contains additional soldiers identified between 1981 and 1987. Hardcover; Vol. I, 404 pages.

Portage Trail Herbert F. Hern


Portrait of an American Artist-Carl Nordell
June Miller Spann
Description:  A well documented booklet of the artist including his life story and many images of his artwork. Paperback; 43 pages


Remembering Panama, Glimpses of the Past
Pamela A. Brown and Heather J. Schneider
Description:  "First settled in 1824, the small community became a bustling stop for stagecoaches and freight wagons that carried people and goods from New England into the western territories." This book is filled with accounts and photos of Panama's history. Paperback; 144 pages


Robert H. Jackson
Gail Jarrow
Description:  A book dedicated to the life of Robert H. Jackson it includes; a journey from his boyhood; to the inner circle of Roosevelt's New Deal; to the Supreme Court bench; and to chief U.S. prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trial. It is well documented with quotations and photos. Hardcover; 128 pages

Supplement for War of 1812 Frederick Ward Kates


Stockton-Seen Through the Rear View Mirror
Cathryn Berndt
Description:  This well documented book covers the history of Stockton beginning in 1800. It contains a brief description of the surveying of the county and the town of Stockton. The author has included photos and information beginning with the frontier and pioneer period and continuing through the 20th century, including information on Organizations, Business and Industry, Volunteer Groups, Private Clubs and Prominent Citizens. Paperback; 215 pages


The Legacy-of the Farm, the Family, and Old Chautauqua
Douglas W. Houck
Description:  "Our world started changing in 1820. The change started quietly, and the change started at the edge of the wilderness in the great forests of western New York...Most people lived out their entire lives in and around the community where they were born." The Legacy contains stories filled with facts about the pioneers and events that formed the county. Paperback; 195 pages


The Medal
Richard Galloway
Description:  "Life during and after the American Civil War was a torrent of hardship and misery. Drawing upon extensive research, Richard Galloway's novel The Medal, is an endearing and fictional account of one soldier's personal triumph through combat, POW life, slavery, personal conflicts, romance, and, most importantly, loved ones-lost and found." Paperback; 266 pages


The President is Shot!
Harold Holzer
Description:  "A page-turner of a text, a fascinating array of photos and archival illustrations, and an event that changed the course of history: all these elements combine in this strong, highly readable book." Booklist, starred review Hardcover; 181 pages


The Visionary-A Tale of Old Chautauqua, the Great Lakes & Beyond
Douglas W. Houck
Description:  "Thousands of men and a few women moved into the far western lands at the edge of the Great Lakes in the early eighteenth century. This is a tale of the time: an era marked by political intrigue, commercial exploitation, emerging technology, flourishing eroticism, and pursuit of power." Paperback; 427 pages


Neil Waldman
Description:  "Thousands of men and a few women moved into the far western lands at the edge of the Great Lakes in the early eighteenth century. This is a tale of the time: an era marked by political intrigue, commercial exploitation, emerging technology, flourishing eroticism, and pursuit of power." Paperback; 427 pages

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