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Bicentennial Biographies No. 71 – 75

A collection of bicentennial biographies from Chautauqua County, N.Y. featuring Davis Hanson Waite (Jamestown), Clarissa D. Wheeler (Jamestown), John Murray Spear (Kiantone), Simeon Howes (Silver Creek) and Oliver Wilcox Norton (Sherman). Originally airing on local radio stations April 18 – April 22, 2011.

No. 71 – David Hanson Waite

Davis Hanson Waite

Davis Hanson Waite was born April 9, 1825 in Jamestown. He was the son of a lawyer, and after a course in the Jamestown Academy he took up the study of law in his father’s office. At the age of 25 he went west and eventually settled in  Princeton, Wis. and engaged in merchandising.

In 1856 Waite was elected a member of the Wisconsin legislature. In 1857 he moved to Houston, Mo., where he taught until the breaking out of the Civil War, when his strong Union sentiments forced him to leave the state. He therefore went to Warren, Pa., and later returned to Jamestown where he became interested in the publication of the Jamestown Journal. He continued in this business until 1876, when he moved to Kansas. Continue reading

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