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James Prendergast – Bicentennial Biography No. 14

When it comes to the early settlement of Jamestown, no individual played a greater role than James Prendergast. Prendergast was born in March 9, 1764 in Dutchess County, New York to William and Mehitable Prendergast. In 1806, he arrived in Chautauqua County with the rest of his family, but soon returned to Pittstown in the fall of that year. Prior to his return to the Hudson Valley, it is said that James first found the land that would… Continue reading

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William Bemus – Bicentennial Biography No. 12

William Bemus was born in 1762 at Bemus Heights, Saratoga County. At the start of the Revolutionary War, he moved to Pittstown in Rensselaer County. In 1782 he wed Mary Prendergast, daughter of William and Mehitable Prendergast. Early in 1800, the Prendergasts and Bemus sold their property and made the decision to migrate to the west or to Canada. Continue reading

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William and Mehitable Prendergast – Bicentennial Biography No. 11

It can be said that no other family has had a more significant impact on the early settlement of the Chautauqua Lake Region than that of William Prendergast and his offspring. It’s fascinating, then, to consider that the Prendergast arrival may never have occurred, due to an event 40 years earlier. Continue reading

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