Are these from Sheridan, New York?

Found some old photographs with some other items.  Information garnered from the collection indicates that these might be from Sheridan, NY.  Anybody out there recognize these?

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3 Responses to Are these from Sheridan, New York?

  1. Anne Wilmot says:

    I am positive that the picture on the right is the house I grew up in in Sheridan. I would be very interested in any other pictures or info regarding this picture. My parents have since passed away and we no longer own the house, but my family lived there for many many years. Thank you.
    Anne Wilmot
    Forestville, NY

  2. John J Pietrkiewicz says:

    Yes, I lived there years ago, my ex wife, Anne ( VanAudall , Pietrkiewicz ) Wilmot’s parents, John & Carol VanAusdall owned it,,,,,,, I did many renovations to the house when I lived there, and many good times were he house,,,,,,,,,J.J.PIETRKIEWICZ , Past President , Historical Society of Dunkirk, NY ( now St. Petersburg , Florida )

  3. Steve Harwood says:

    I have known the house on the right for about 62 years. It was owned by my Sister, Carol VanAusdall and my Brother-in-law John VanAusdall when I believe since I was 5 years old. I lived with my sister in this house on and off for a number of years. John and Carols daughters, Julie, Darcy, Tina and Anne pretty much spent their entire childhood there. The house holds thousands of very fond memories for me, as well as most of our family. Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other occasions. Their door was always open to everyone, day or night. Weather you came for a visit or if you needed a place to call home for an extended period of time. As you may have realized by now, I miss this old house, the good times had there and my Sister and Brother-in-law.

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